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CF + Kubo: Choosing the Right Platform for the Job

There’s a lot of excitement from the Cloud Foundry (CF) community around Kubo—Pivotal’s and Google’s engineering project for Kubernetes (K8s) clusters managed by BOSH. While Kubo was just accepted as a CF Incubator project, there’s still a lot of confusion around Cloud Foundry x K8s/Kubo use cases and best usage scenarios for services and cloud applications.

This session led by Pivotal and Google will introduce Kubo and compare it with Cloud Foundry—from use case and architecture perspectives. Attendees will learn the main differences between CF and Kubernetes, what kinds of workloads are most suitable for each, and how Kubo helps you combine them for a complete cloud-native solution. The session will also feature a live demo using both CF and Kubernetes integrated as a single platform.


Fred Melo
Director of Technology

Meaghan Kjelland
Software Engineer