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Building and Scaling Effective Teams with Collective Product Ownership

The XP agile methodology brought us collective code ownership, which embraces the notion of any developer on the team working on any part of the codebase, allowing anyone to grab the next story from the top of the backlog. This has worked well over the years for teams within Pivotal and beyond.

Can we benefit from applying this concept to the entire balanced product team?

In this talk, Dan will share lessons learned in building and growing highly collaborative software teams that are organized and aligned around product goals. Topics will include the importance of a shared product vision and the product manager’s role in communicating it, how to get specialized roles to collaborate vs pushing work between silos, why the granularity of stories in your backlog matters, why and how to involve developers early in the product cycle, how QA can complement an automated continuous delivery model, the benefits and also the pitfalls of organizing teams around product initiatives instead of codebases, and more.

Spoiler alert: Collective product ownership can be challenging, especially on larger products. But not only does it lead to happier teams and better product outcomes, it’s a necessary ingredient for a culture of sustainable growth.


Dan Podsedly
VP, Pivotal Tracker