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Spring Cloud Data Flow


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This two-day course explores how to leverage Spring Cloud Data Flow for data integration and real-time data processing pipelines. Through hands-on labs, the course explores installation of Spring Cloud Data Flow, usage of the Spring Cloud Data Flow Shell, creating, configuring, deploying, and scaling Spring Cloud Streams and Tasks and the development of custom applications using Spring Boot microservices. You will learn how to configure the product for various deployment scenarios.


Day 1: Sunday, October 6, 9:00am–5:00pm CST
Day 2: Monday, October 7, 9:00am–5:00pm CST

This course runs for two full days and attendance on both days is necessary for course completion. This course does not overlap with conference activities. To register, select Full Conference Pass and then Training.

Target Audience

Developers who want to learn how to ingest, transform, and process large volumes of data from a diverse set of sources, into various target datastores. You will also learn how to create Spring Cloud Stream and Spring Cloud Task applications.


  • Basic Java development skills, including ability to run Apache Maven commands
  • Basic understanding of Spring and Spring Boot
  • Some familiarity with various data storage technologies
  • Familiarity with running basic OS commands from a command-prompt


  • Minimum of 4GB running Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • 5GB free disk space
  • Ability to install software (admin privileges)


  • Java 1.8 installed
  • GitHub account
  • Maven / Gradle installed
  • Internet access - Ability to access sites via port 80 and 443 (HTTPS)
  • Docker installed (Docker Desktop) - Have docker-compose installed as well (or local install of RabbitMQ and MySQL)