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Spring Boot

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Building on the benefits of the Spring framework, Spring Boot represents the next chapter in Java development. Spring Boot’s opinionated approach removes much of the boilerplate and configuration that characterizes Spring, making development faster and deployment easier.

This course offers experience with Spring Boot and its major features, including auto-configuration, data access, Actuator, and more. On completion, participants will have a foundation for creating enterprise-ready applications. Along the way, you will use concepts you may have learned from Spring Framework, such as JDBC and Spring MVC, testing and security. However, you will learn to use them the Spring Boot way.


Day 1: Sunday, October 6, 9:00am–5:00pm CST
Day 2: Monday, October 7, 9:00am–5:00pm CST

This course runs for two full days and attendance on both days is necessary for course completion. This course does not overlap with conference activities. To register, select Full Conference Pass and then Training.

Target Audience

Developers and Architects looking to get familiar with the new Spring Boot technology


  • Basic Spring Framework experience
  • Git experience


  • Minimum of 4GB running Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • 5GB free disk space
  • Ability to install software (admin privileges)


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