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Tech Agility at TD Ameritrade

Cloud Foundry
Transformation Case Studies

TD Ameritrade’s transformation journey has revolutionized the way engineers work to deliver more user value at a faster pace.

The Institutional team was one of the first adopters of Pivotal Labs’ methodologies and Pivotal Cloud Foundry at TD Ameritrade, helping blaze the trail for the rest of the organization. In this talk, we'll share our story, including how we transitioned from a project to a product mindset, and how we employ the latest in XP practices, such as iterative design, pair programming, and small releases.

However, the journey isn’t without its struggles and pitfalls, and we'll discuss some of the challenges and cautions as well.

Anyone wanting to embrace tech agility in their organization will benefit from hearing this real and transparent story, in particular the importance and limits of test-driven development (TDD), user research, and overcoming the challenges of establishing a continuous delivery pipeline in a large organization.