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Success at Scale - it’s hard, but achievable

Cloud Engineer

A majority of the Fortune 500 companies still follow Waterfall under the Agile umbrella. Rather than data-driven, they are process and ticket driven. Although they have embraced Digital Transformation 2-3 years ago, they haven’t been successful in implementing this across their entire organization. Why?

Pivotal CSO team has been fortunate enough to make this dream a reality for some of those enterprises.
A simple methodology.
Start small → Quick wins at the Project Level → Tackle the Portfolio/Line of Business → Learn more and Impact further → Scale to Organizational level

From this session, you’ll walk away with 5 proven steps:
-Identify the motive/ambition and the most impactful team within the organization
-Start small and Refine
-Build the Alpha team
-Set up the Transformation hub
-Develop Cookbooks, Recipes, Patterns, and Buckets
-Measure the Impact
-Scale at the Portfolio level
-Continuously improve, refine and spread this to other portfolios