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Running Spring Boot Applications Efficiently on Azure

Ballroom D

Core Framework

Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are the de facto choices for many companies building microservices architectures. At Microsoft, we have years of experience with Spring and a dedicated engineering team to ensure that it works seamlessly on Azure.

In this session, we'll share best practices and tools and show you how to go from development to production using Spring Boot and Azure, with a specific focus on microservices configuration, resiliency, and scalability. We'll show you how to build full CI/CD pipelines for production workloads and how to deploy the same application with zero code change on an Azure cluster. We'll also cover monitoring and security, and how Spring Boot applications can scale and handle failure on Azure. Most of this presentation will be focused on Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, but when relevant, we'll also use the new Azure SDK and our specific Azure Spring Boot starters in order to access Azure-specific services to get to production faster.