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ORC App Tx: Transforming the Beast into a Beauty

Cloud Foundry
Transformation Case Studies

ORC is a heavy-hitting beast of an application that can run millions of reports a month. All of these reports must run on their scheduled times and can never go down. With a response time upwards of 10 seconds, it had a UI that with all of the flashiest animations that '90s web development had to offer. And if you wanted to run a report, you bet your bottom dollar the monolith offered you seven ways to run that report (just in case you wanted to spice up your daily routine). Written in Java on WebLogic and a Flux front end, it was time to modernize the beast.

It's one case to lift and shift old code to a new framework, in this case moving onto the cloud (PCF) and using a recent web framework (React). The challenge came when we wanted to modernize. We began moving and improving our codebase, including; introducing Java streams, Solace, TDD, and BDD. Being in an existing enterprise framework and infrastructure posed additional challenges one can face while turning a beastly app into a beauty.