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From 10 Deploys Per Year to 4 Per Day at DBS Bank: How Pivotal Platform Can Reduce Operational Toil

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Join Shaun Norris, Pivotal CIO for APJ, and Dapeng Liu, of DBS Bank, as they share a case study of how a development team at the bank has scaled deployments from 10 per year to 4 per day. We'll unpack this topic by looking at: moving from monolith to microservices; how Pivotal Platform has removed a number of ops pain points; how the mindset around changes has shifted; and how blue-green deployments were a key enabler. Specifically around ops pain, we'll be looking at: how Pivotal Platform has automated HA restarts of containers; how BOSH has automated VM lifecycle; how network provisioning of load balancers is now automated; how polyglot microservices are now easily patched and environments are configured, which used to all be slow, manual activity. We'll also look at how Credhub has enabled a standardised and streamlined way to share secrets and credentials for microservices on the platform.