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Event-Driven CI/CD with GitHub, Concourse, and Spinnaker

Event Driven
Cloud Foundry
Cloud Engineer

Do you need to push the same version of an application to multiple data centers? Do you have pipelines for your data services created through Cloud Foundry marketplace?

Are you in a highly regulated field (e.g., financial or healthcare) and struggle with artifact promotion? Is your deployment target Cloud Foundry?

In this talk, we'll provide a technical deep dive into how you can use Spinnaker to ease the delivery of artifacts to Cloud Foundry.
We'll demonstrate using automated GitOps to promote the version of an artifact from one environment to the next through pull requests + Spinnaker.

We'll demonstrate how Spinnaker can be used to show an inventory of what's deployed and how GitOps can show what's pending to be approved or pushed to the next environment.

We'll demonstrate how event-driven architecture can be leveraged for CI/CD to help fulfill compliance requirements.