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Adopting Pivotal Platform: The Hard Part, and How We Overcame Ourselves

Cloud Foundry

To successfully select, adopt, and reap the value of Pivotal Platform is a challenge at Cengage, given the large number of engineering teams and varied product portfolios and priorities. Cengage utilizes an iterative process to make large-scale adoptions, which are ultimately owned by our teams. Starting with a group of stakeholders that are responsible and accountable is the first step in the journey. They must be involved in the overall process, including identifying and committing to aligned value metrics, which enable the team to make objective decisions. Key to this process is crafting the initial overarching problem statement that can resonate with these stakeholders and is paramount to the success of any large strategic endeavor. In our environment (like many others), priorities change as competing initiatives come to light, ultimately impacting the rollout of our Pivotal Platform adoption. Here is the story of our dynamic environment, stakeholder alignment, and our commitment to achieving our goals with Pivotal Platform.