September 24-27, 2018  /  Washington, D.C.

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Crunchy PostgreSQL Integration with PCF and PKS

Monday, September 24, 2018 // 9:00 am - 10:20 am // Woodrow Wilson B

Are you passionate about using and supporting open source, cloud-agnostic solutions? 451 Research reported in January 2018 that “Crunchy Data is bringing a DevOps experience to the database. And for developers it means a way to easily provision a database, access tools to interact with the database, and an easier means to apply patches and security policies.”

From creating uniformly managed, cloud-native production deployments, to allowing your engineering team to provision databases that meet your compliance requirements, Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes gives your organization the flexibility to deploy your own personalized database-as-a-service tailored to your needs.

Crunchy PostgreSQL for PCF and PKS gives you the ability to deploy customized, highly-available, PCF/PKS native PostgreSQL clusters-as-a-service to any cloud or on-premise environment.

In this session, Jeff McCormick from Crunchy will discuss the architecture behind the Crunchy PostgreSQL Container Suite, the Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator for PKS and the Crunchy Open Service Broker, and demonstrate how to build and manage your own database-as-a-service on PKS that gives you the freedom to deploy PostgreSQL to any infrastructure and connect from your PCF applications.

More information on Crunchy PostgreSQL for PCF is available here.

System Requirements

  • Attendees are expected to bring their own laptops with ability to access the internet

What We Provide

  • Power and Wi-Fi


Jeff McCormick, Data Architect, Crunchy Data


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