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September 24-27, 2018  /  Washington, D.C.

Gideon Low

Data Engineer, Pivotal

Gideon Low

Gideon has over 20 years experience with design, development & operations of Java-based, high-Performance & large Scale Distributed Systems applications. He spent his early career in client/server and database development, moving on to build real-time, multi-tiered, distributed systems for Financial Securities Trading applications starting with Java 1.02. After managing Trading Connectivity Operations & Development for Lehman Brothers, Gideon joined GemStone in 2005, and has since stayed focused on GemFire as it evolved to become an enterprise product and a key part of Pivotal's product suite. In both customer-facing and R&D roles, he's had a key role helping develop many of the largest GemFire production systems today. Gideon has also published articles & blogs and presented on In-Memory/Clustered Data Management topics at conferences such as SpringOne and TheServerSide Java Symposium.