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September 24-27, 2018  /  Washington, D.C.

Volkswagen - On the Road to Production

Transformation, Case Studies

Volkswagen partnered with Pivotal in 2016 to transform software development within the company. With over 600,000 employees and producing over 2500 vehicles per day, VW is the largest automaker by worldwide sales. In the meanwhile, the VW IT department was making an effort in delivering apps at the same staggering pace. In this talk we will talk about creating the first VW Digital Lab in Berlin in partnership with Pivotal, the balancing act between product decisions from the HQ at Wolfsburg vs innovation in Berlin and scaling this model to other parts of the company. We'll talk about deploying to production on every commit using Cloud Foundry with continuous integration with Concourse, Spring Kotlin for developing services and spearheading this transformation with Pivotal Labs for sustainable agile development and the culture change as VW embraces the new age of tech mobility. See more here:


Sannidhi Jalukar

Sannidhi Jalukar
Senior Software Engineer, Pivotal