September 24-27, 2018  /  Washington, D.C.

T-Mobile Success Story of Migrating Monolithic Application to Spring Cloud Services

Transformation, Case Studies

Retail Services Platform (RSP) is an application built on SOA based architecture and services on an average 60-70 million transaction per day for business critical functions like retail, care, self-care in T-MOBILE. The Application contains 400+ SOAP operations and interacts 50+ SORs and 30+ batch process for 5-10 million records every day.
Past Pain Points: Scalability, Maintainability, Backpressure, Time to Market, Monitoring
Migration Strategy: Design, Build Cloud Native Apps with 12 factor principle and leverage Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Build a framework to split existing 1 monolithic app to ~60-70 apps and containerize using CXF framework without impacting existing service consumers
Benefits: Cloud Native APP Containers and deployable on any cloud platform. Fail Fast, Always read values from Config server, Audit log using code CI/CD pipeline, Test Automation, Telemetry, Availability, Time to market, Application Resilient and better response times.

September 27, 2018
10:30 am - 11:00 am
National Harbor 10-11

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Linga Reddy Boddam

Linga Reddy Boddam
Principal Engineer, T-Mobile

Ramesh Majj

Ramesh Majj
Sr Engineer, T-Mobile

Ravi Prativadi

Ravi Prativadi
Manager, Software Development, T-Mobile