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September 24-27, 2018  /  Washington, D.C.

New Capabilities and Product Strategy for .NET on PCF

Cloud Foundry

.NET is back with a renewed energy and is undeniably amidst a remarkable transformation. As .NET continues to evolve, so too does Pivotal Application Service for Windows to bolster that evolution. In this session, we will cover what capabilities have emerged to deliver a first-class experience for .NETs unique needs on Pivotal Cloud Foundry and why they make PCF a premier enterprise platform for cloud-native, modernized, and legacy .NET workloads. We will review the backstory of the product, the basics of deploying the new Windows 2016 stack on PCF, what happens to your .NET application when it is pushed, how to inspect it, and finally, what Windows Server Containers mean for .NET developers, enterprises, and the future of Pivotal Cloud Foundrys .NET capabilities. And we will see how PCF operators and developers insights and experiences have been guiding the features of the platform.


William Martin

William Martin
Staff Product Manager, Pivotal