September 24-27, 2018  /  Washington, D.C.

How the Enterprise Data Grid (GemFire) is Groundbreaking for Johnson & Johnson


Enterprise Agile Data Service (EADS), supported by the Enterprise Data Grid (EDG), is a new data-centric strategic approach to designing an agile enterprise which will deliver on business intent and value more quickly than current J&J architectural paradigms. EADS is providing advancement in the way that J&J can handle its vast quantities of data that resides entirely in memory (GemFire) and is distributed among multiple servers.

Recent advances such as multi-core systems have made it practical to store a previously inconceivable amount of data completely in the cloud. EADS is well suited to handle big datas velocity, variability, and volume. EADS system can support terabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of in-memory data updates per second. Additionally, these structures can be scaled in ways to support enormous quantities of data across multiple systems of record and exchange.

The technical advantages of EADS provide business benefits in the form of faster decision making, greater productivity, and improved customer service. EADS is nimble by design allowing businesses to dynamically add or change data domains (eg sensors) and connect partner data (eg patient data) live in production for testing in a safe and controlled manner EADS positions J&J IT for alignment to our business needs which:

-Operate with autonomy and agility of a local operating company (OPCO)
-Create value as if J&J was a full system acting as one and not just an aggregate of multiple OPCO
-Be able to pivot 100x faster than competitors when adjusting to shifts in the market EADS is not just about leading technology.

EADS is also a new model for J&J to deliver business IT value by being structured to solve enterprise-wide data-centric problems leveraging agile principles. EADS is a fresh approach that requires rethinking organizational processes and financial model paradigms. EADS is about finding the right business questions to ask. Those questions could be questions the business hasn't even dreamt of asking, enabled by data, across all our value streams. The impact of our J&J Enterprise data isn't the data. Its the narrative we will all write, coherently aligned to the outcomes we deliver to patients, doctors, and customers

September 24, 2018
5:15 pm - 5:45 pm
Maryland Ballroom C

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Steve Sorensen

Steve Sorensen
VP Technology Services, Supply Chain, Johnson & Johnson