September 24-27, 2018  /  Washington, D.C.

Geode: Much More Than a Cache

Data, Databases

This presentation will provide overview of the types of problems to which Geode can be applied. Several real Geode based applications will be presented at an intermediate level of technical depth. Each application will be representative of a general category of problems that Geode can solve. Several of the categories that will be presented go well beyond caching. The use cases presented will include: - Geode as a Microservice Enabler - Geode as a Global Reference Data Cache - Geode for Transaction Processing - Geode for Real Time Model Scoring - Geode as a Compute + Data Grid - Geode for Low Latency Decision Making.

September 24, 2018
1:15 pm - 1:45 pm
Maryland Ballroom C

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Randy May

Randy May
Pivotal Data Engineer, Pivotal