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Tony Hansmann

Platform Architect

Tony Hansmann has spent the past sixteen years as a nuts-and-bolts operations engineer and Bay Area companies. At Pivotal, he spent a year as a developer (because everyone technical has to learn to develop the Pivotal way!) In 2014 the operations burden overwhelmed the dev team running Pivotal Web Services (PWS) and he was tapped to bootstrap the Pivotal Cloud Ops team.

Tony ran Cloud Ops from March 2014 to Oct 2016 when he decided the Ops problem was largely solved and he needed to tell customers the good news. He left the pager behind and moved to a customer advisory role.

His favorite topics are Ops tech/culture, what the move to PaaS means for companies, and how Ops can use their position as the hub of everything to assist their organization to move a Platform and Pipeline model.