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Richard Watson


Richard Watson is an experienced IT Industry Analyst, Architect and Developer with 24 years IT architecture, team leading, advisory and software development experience. Richard has experience delivering systems in mission-critical environments, advising enterprise clients, and leading teams developing quality software. In his current role as industry analyst in Gartner's Technical Professionals research service, Richard advises Fortune 500 enterprise, Government organizations, investment advisors and vendor clients on cloud computing, cloud application architecture, application and integration platforms. He advises clients on adoption strategies, architecture, product selection, governance, and design patterns, using published research notes, phone dialogues, conference presentations, and webinars. His June 2017 research note Comparing Leading Cloud-Native Application Platforms: Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Red Hat OpenShift, is the most read and rated paper in his 10 years as an analyst. Previously, Richard was product manager at Engine Yard, a PaaS pioneer, where he was responsible for an entire product lifecycle of their cloud platform. Richard started developing by typing in BASIC code to his ZX Spectrum from Byte magazine and has never lost the urge to hack code.