2017 speakers

On Main Stage

breakout session

Jay Aisenbrey
Software Engineer, Broadleaf Commerce

Sergi Almar
Spring Certified Instructor, Independent

Maggie Ambrose
Partner Solution Architect, Pivotal

Chris Anderson
Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft

Shaun Anderson
Advisory Solutions Architect, Pivotal

Brendan Aye
Principal Cloud Foundry Platform Architect, T-Mobile

Ashok Balasubramanian
Vice President, Syntel

Michael Barber
SVP Customer System & Technologies, Synchrony Financial

Dave Bartoletti
VP, Principal Analyst Serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals, Forrester

Simon Baslé
Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal

Kenny Bastani
Spring Developer Advocate, Pivotal

Ryan Baxter
Software Engineer, Pivotal

Joanna Beltowska
Head of Product Management, Pivotal Labs, Pivotal

Dustin Bennett
Software Engineer Senior Manager, The Home Depot

Natalie Bennett
Software Engineer, Pivotal

Brian Benz
Sr. Developer Advocate, Microsoft

John Berry
Technical Director, Charles Schwab

Milind Bhandarkar
Founder & CEO, Ampool

Prithpal Bhogill
Product Manager, Google

Artem Bilan
Principal Sofware Engineer, Pivotal

John Blum
Staff Engineer, Pivotal

Peter Blum
Platform Architect, Pivotal

Chris Bochman
Technical Fellow, FedEx

Nickolai Bogdatov
Senior Software Engineer, Verizon

Marius Bogoevici
Software Engineer, Red Hat

Prasad Bopardikar
Advisory Platform Architect, Pivotal

Jeanne Boyarsky
Developer, CodeRanch

Sam Brannen
Co-Founder, Swiftmind

Zach Brown
Product Owner, Pivotal

Stephen Byers
Technical Director, FedEx

Chris Castle
Senior Architect, Advanced Technology & Architecture, Accenture

Sai Chaitanya
Senior Product Manager, VMware

Pulkit Chandra
Product Manager, Pivotal

Jeff Cherng
Advisory Data Engineer, Pivotal

Angela Chin
Software Engineer, Pivotal

Jamie Christian
Architect, Northern Trust

Brian Clozel
Spring Team Member, Pivotal

James Coppock
Cloud Specialist, Boeing

Michael Coté
Director, Marketing, Pivotal

Molly Crowther
Technical Program Manager, Pivotal

Matt Curry
Director of Cloud Engineering, Allstate

Chuck D'Antonio
Advisory Platform Architect, Pivotal

Adar Danait
Principal Software Engineer, Citi

Kamala Dasika
Product Marketing, Platform and Ecosystem, Pivotal

Jermaine Davis
Software Engineer Principal, The Home Depot

Marcello de Sales
Staff Software Engineer, Intuit

Kris De Volder
Spring Tools Team Committer, Pivotal

Christopher Decelles
Sr. Platform Architect, Pivotal

Sébastien Deleuze
Spring Framework Committer, Pivotal

Laurent Demailly
Staff Engineer, Google

Dmitry Didovicher
Director, GIS Development, Crunchy Data

Dormain Drewitz
Director, Product Marketing, Pivotal

Craig Duero
Sr Staff Software Applications Engineer, Charles Schwab

Simon Duffy
Product Manager, Pivotal

Brian Dunlap
Tech Lead, Southwest Airlines

Kyle Dunn
Data Engineer, Pivotal

Christian Dupuis
VP Engineering & Founder, Atomist

David Edwards
Software Engineer, Pivotal

Lilian Ernest
Apps Dev Tech Specialist, Citi

John Feminella
Advisory Engineer, Pivotal

Don Fossgreen
Principal Platform Architect, West

Scott Frederick
Senior Software Engineer, Pivotal

Mukesh Gadiya
Product Manager, Pivotal

Zoe Gagnon
Software Engineer, Pivotal

Neville George
Cloud Engineer, Comcast

Violeta Georgieva
Principal Software Engineer, Pivotal

Spencer Gibb
Spring Cloud Core Co-Lead, Pivotal

Oliver Gierke
Spring Data Project Lead, Pivotal

Tom Gillis
CEO, Bracket Computing

Merlin Glynn
Product Line Manager, VMware

Joe Grandja
Spring Security Senior Engineer, Pivotal

Victor Grazi
VP Core Technologies, Nomura Securities

Brian Gregory
Cloud Advocate, Google

Marcin Grzejszczak
Developer, Pivotal

Sam Gunaratne
Software Engineer, Pivotal

Erdem Günay
Principal Solution Architect, Turkcell

Stephan Hagemann
Director, Pivotal

Ben Hale
Cloud Foundry Java Lead, Pivotal

Todd Hall
Application Architect, Ford Motor Company

Jeff Hammond
VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Tony Hansmann
Platform Architect, Pivotal

Paul Harris
Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal

Xiaokai He
Program Manager, Microsoft

Mark Heckler
Developer Advocate, Pivotal

Chris Henningsen
Managing Director, Ecosystems & Ventures, Accenture

Gunnar Hillert
Staff Engineer, Pivotal

Martina Hodges-Schell
Head of Product Design, Pivotal Labs, Pivotal

Cora Iberkleid
Senior Platform Architect, Pivotal

Sannidhi Jalukar
Software Engineer, Pivotal

Brian Jimerson
Platform Architect, Pivotal

Rod Johnson
CEO, Atomist

David Julia
Associate Director, Engineering (Pivotal Labs), Pivotal

Anna Jung
Software Engineer, HCSC

Rahul Kandhari
Principal Architect, HCL

Rohit Kelapure
Solutions Architect, Pivotal

Bryan Kelly
Sr Software Architect, Cerner Corp

Mike Kenyon
Software Engineer, Pivotal

Brian Kirkland
Senior Cloud Architect, Verizon

Meaghan Kjelland
Software Engineer, Google

Michael Klishin
Senior Principal Software Engineer, Pivotal

Mike Koleno
VP, Technology, Solstice

Andrei Krasnitski
Cloud Foundry Engineer, Altoros

Thomas Kraus
Principal Solution Architect, VMware

Reshmi Krishna
Senior Cloud Application and Platform Architect, Pivotal

Gilbert Lau
Partner Architect, DataStax

Miranda LeBlanc
Engineering Manager, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Tim Leong
Principal Architect, Comcast

Martin Lippert
Principal Software Engineer, Pivotal

Josh Long
Spring Developer Advocate, Pivotal

Wayne Lund
Advisory Platform Architect, Pivotal

Matt MacKenny
Director of Software Quality, The Home Depot

Charity Majors
Co-Founder and CEO, Honeycomb

Stéphane Maldini
Senior Product Manager, Pivotal

Sheryl Maris
System Design and Integration Specialist, Boeing

Tom Martin
Lead Software Developer, Charles Schwab

João Martins
Software Engineer, Google

Beth Massi
Product Marketing Manager, .NET Platform, Microsoft

David McClure
Software Engineer, Pivotal

Matthew McNeeney
Senior Product Manager, Pivotal

Fred Melo
Director of Technology, Pivotal

Greg Meyer
Director, Principal Architect, Distinguished Engineer, Cerner Corp

Mark Michael
Director, Pivotal Tracker Engineering, Pivotal

Jason Michener
Senior Manager, Engineering Operations, Comcast

Todd Migliore
Principal Architect, Comcast

Jason Mimick
Technical Director, Partners, MongoDB

Michael Minella
Project Lead Spring Batch & Spring Cloud Task, Pivotal

Karl Nilsson
Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal

CeeCee O'Connor
Product Manager, Boston Scientific

Glenn Oppegard
Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal

Jon Osborn
Chief Architect, Great American Insurance Group

Anton Ovechkin
Principal Software Engineering Lead, Microsoft

Mark Paluch
Spring Data Engineer, Pivotal

Sabha Parameswaran
Principal Software Engineer, Pivotal

Dean Parke
Director of Digital Engineering, Discover

Matt Parker
Head of Engineering, Pivotal Labs, Pivotal

Ryan Pei
Technical Program Manager, Pivotal

Paul Perez
Sofware Architect, Pymma

Jakub Pilimon
Software Engineer, Bottega/ Vattenfall IT Services Poland

Mark Pollack
Software Developer, Pivotal

Arjen Poutsma
Technical Advisor, Pivotal

Anupama Pradhan
Sr Technology Architect, HCSC

Matt Raible
Developer Advocate, Okta

Usha Ramachandran
Senior Product Manager, Pivotal

Kalyan Ramanathan
VP of Product Marketing, Sumo Logic

Tim Richardson
Lead Cloud Architect, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

Heather Riddle
Senior Engineer, HCSC

Thomas Risberg
Staff Engineer, Pivotal

Simon Ritter
Deputy CTO, Azul Systems

Brian Roche
Vice President of Products & Strategy, Cognizant

Keith Rodwell
IT Cloud Architect, Raytheon

Rich Ruedin
Senior Cloud Engineer, Express Scripts

Nithya Ruff
Senior Director, Comcast

Gary Russell
Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Pivotal

Shilla Saebi
Open Source Community Development Lead, Comcast

Adib Saikali
Advisory Platform Architect, Pivotal

Ramiro Salas
Product Lead, Networking, Pivotal

Vipul Savjani
Global Lead of Open Source PaaS, Emerging Technology, Accenture

Jonathan Schabowsky
Sr. Architect, Office of the CTO, Solace

Brad Schaefbauer
Platform Service Owner, Boeing

Pankaj Sehgal
Principal & Practice Leader, Capgemini

Thomas Seibert
Senior Technical Lead Architect, Mercedes-Benz.io GmbH

Asir Selvasingh
Principal Program Manager, Java on Azure, Microsoft

Richard Seroter
Senior Director of Product, Pivotal

Shawn Sherwood
Software Architect, Kroger

Luke Shannon
Advisory Platform Architect, Pivotal

Rohit Sood
Senior Architect, Liberty Mutual

Aaron Spiegel
Field CTO, Software Defined Storage, Dell EMC

Thomas Squeo
SVP, Digital Transformation & Enterprise Architecture, West

Craig Steel
GM, Strategic Alliances, Pivotal

Chris Sterling
Principal Product Manager - Spring Cloud Services, Pivotal

Colin Stevenson
Partner Solutions Architect, Pivotal

Rossen Stoyanchev
Spring Framework Developer, Pivotal

Alan Strader
Senior Consultant, Northern Trust

Jenn Strater
Senior Engineer, Zenjob

Christoph Strobl
Software Engineer, Pivotal

Komes Subramaniam
Principal Software Developer, T-Mobile

Syam Suri
Director, Verizon

Dave Syer
Senior Consulting Engineer, Pivotal

Joe Szodfridt
Principal Solutions Architect, Pivotal

Emily Tate
Senior Product Manager, Pivotal

Dhaval Thaker
Senior Manager, Network & Technology, Verizon

Bruce Thelen
Principal Software Architect, CoreLogic

Ted Tollefson
Software Architect, Kroger

Sree Tummidi
Product Manager, Pivotal

David Turanski
Spring Advisory Architect, Pivotal

Christian Tzolov
Software Craftsman, Pivotal

Tony van Büüren van Heijst
Advisory Solution Architect, Virtustream

Henri van den Bulk
Technical Director, Charles Schwab

Paul Vermeulen
Senior Data Engineer, Pivotal

Vaughn Vernon
Author, Implementing Domain-Driven Design,

Mike Villiger
Sr. Technical Partner Manager, Dynatrace

Yawei Wang
Senior Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft

Paul Warren
Senior Engineer, HCSC

Paul C. Warren
CTO, Cloud Platform Team, Dell EMC

Mark Weislow
Engagement Director, Pivotal

James Wickett
Head of Research, Signal Sciences

Rob Winch
Spring Security Lead, Pivotal

Barry Wood
CTO - IoT Practice, RPY Motion

Oleg Zhurakousky
Software Engineer, Pivotal

Gregor Zurowski
Software Architect, Independent Consultant