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The Modern Family - Modernizing Applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry - Getting Out of the Big Ball Of Mud

Agile, PM, Methodology

Day: Wednesday


Are fire-breathing monoliths lurking throughout your Enterprise? Many of these ancient behemoths can be millions of lines long and can wreak havoc when trying to evolve and transform your business. Unfortunately, your business depends on services they provide, so they can’t just be eliminated without a battle plan. The Pivotal App Transformation practice has continuously refined approaches and techniques to slay your monoliths. In this session, we will discuss how to carve up your legacy dragons into manageable pieces using techniques and patterns such as Event Storming, Strangling, Starving, Slice Analysis and Domain Driven Decomposition. Monolith slaying is not easy, but with the right tools and weapons at your disposal, your journey to the Cloud can be as easy as a stroll through the forest.


Rohit Kelapure
Solutions Architect

Shaun Anderson
Advisory Solutions Architect

Joe Szodfridt
Principal Solutions Architect