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Steeltoe and the Open Source .NET Renaissance

Microservices, Serverless

Day: Tuesday


When .NET went open source in 2014, the .NET ecosystem was propelled into a new era. The cultural shift at Microsoft toward open source and cross-platform standards (like .NET Core) has since brought about a renaissance in .NET, with a growing community of projects and tools to help developers along their cloud-native journey.

The Steeltoe OSS project has sprung up within this community, driven by the needs of enterprise developers for a cloud-native framework for ASP.NET applications. By borrowing patterns from the Java/Spring world, Steeltoe brings solutions for shared configuration, service discovery, circuit breakers and more, to the .NET community.

In this session, Beth Massi from Microsoft will walk us through the pivotal events that brought about the .NET renaissance, and how modern .NET supports any developer building any app for any platform. Then Zach Brown and Dave Tillman from Pivotal will take a deep dive into Steeltoe, explaining the problems the framework aims to solve, then demonstrating how to build resilient microservices with ASP.NET Core.


Beth Massi
Product Marketing Manager, .NET Platform

Zach Brown
Product Owner