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Spring Tools 4 - Eclipse and Beyond

Core Spring

Day: Tuesday


In this session we will unveil a new generation of Spring tools. These new tools, which are mostly built from scratch, will not only include the next generation of the Spring Tool Suite (for Eclipse) called STS4, but will feature new and lightweight editor-centric alternatives, for editors such as Atom and Visual Studio Code. In each environment the new tools make it easier to develop Spring Boot applications, deploy applications to Cloud Foundry, develop CI pipelines for those apps, and more.

In this session we will show all of these in action using live coding. The session will include writing, running, testing, and debugging Spring boot applications using Spring Tool Suite, Eclipse, Atom, and Visual Studio Code. We will live code a CI pipeline for them, deploy them to Cloud Foundry, and see how running applications feed information back into your coding environment to further help you understand, debug, and develop your Spring Boot applications.

We will also look at the underlying technology that enables us to create tooling just once and make it available easily across a variety of editors and IDEs.


Martin Lippert
Principal Software Engineer

Kris De Volder
Spring Tools Team Committer