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Spring Driven Industrial IoT Utilizing Edge, Fog, and Cloud Computing

Data, Databases

Day: Wednesday
Time: 04:20
Room: 2018

During this presentation, you will see a demonstration, including live manufacturing equipment, for an end to end feedback workflow of Industrial Spring IOT:

  1. How Spring driven IoT can be utilized to manufacture complimentary parts from multiple industrial processes, such as CNC boring and CNC turning manufacturing operations; (matching Pistons and Cylinders in a Turbine engine as an example)
  2. Edge based real-time analytics and control will be demonstrated in a multi-tasking industrial Programmable Logic Controller (PLC);
  3. Data exchange between PLC and IoT Bridge utilizing Spring Integration TCP/UDP communications;
  4. Fog based analytics in the IoT Bridge utilizing GemFire Multi-Site data exchange and Spring Websocket based HMI;
  5. Final parts matching and Quality Assurance will occur in a PCF instance utilizing cloud caching and Spring micro-services where parts sequencing data will be returned to the IoT Bridge HMI for proper sequencing of the parts in container cells.


Mark Weislow
Engagement Director

Barry Wood
CTO - IoT Practice
RPY Motion