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SOLID in the Wild: Life When Your Software is Actually Soft

Agile, PM, Methodology

Day: Tuesday
Time: 12:10
Room: 2011

We talk a lot about the five SOLID principles, but we tend to do so theoretically; we don't always get to see examples of the principles in real-life production code.

This is the story of how we shipped a real-world Spring codebase for a high traffic online marketplace. Besieged by looming deadlines and sudden requirement changes, specific usages of the five SOLID principles saved the day in pyrotechnic fashion.

We'll talk about what SOLID looks like outside the laboratory, the ways it saved our skin when it mattered most, and the joy of working on a system that likes to change.


David Edwards
Software Engineer

Mike Kenyon
Software Engineer

Zoe Gagnon
Software Engineer