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Scaling Spring Boot Applications in Real-Time

Data, Databases

Day: Wednesday
Time: 02:00
Room: 2018

Building complex, transactional and analytical applications at scale, that are highly available, performant, and consistent is challenging. To do that, you need an application architecture built on a solid foundation. So, we are going to show you how to build Spring Boot applications with the power of Spring Data and Apache Geode/Pivotal GemFire on PCF. However, to begin, we start as you would, by rapidly prototyping an application from your IDE in a local environment. Then, we migrate the app to a managed environment on PCF in order to achieve reliable and secure data access at cloud scale. Finally, we wrap things up by summarizing the key design patterns for properly managing your data in a cloud-native environment.


John Blum
Staff Engineer

Luke Shannon
Advisory Platform Architect