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Scaling from Startup Mode to Enterprise Mode - Accelerating FedEx's Cloud-Native Transformation

Transformation, Case Studies

Day: Wednesday


In 2016, FedEx launched our cloud-native initiative, targeting to move applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry to support more rapid, cloud-native software delivery and development. Rather than frying the whole potato at once, we started with one project in “startup” mode, learning the new methods and technologies. After success - and some educational failures! - we started spreading this change to other projects in FedEx, slowly but surely accelerating adoption across the enterprise.

We’re two of the enterprise architects who worked on this journey and will tell the audience the lessons we learned over the past year. This will include our initial methods for assessing which projects to move, challenges and fixes we encountered and used, and our methods for scaling to the rest of the organization. The initial project is always hard, but it seems easy in retrospect as you move from one project to many. We hope that sharing our experience and the tactics we’ve been using will help more large organizations have as much success as we’ve had.


Stephen Byers
Technical Director

Chris Bochman
Technical Fellow