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Reactive Data Access with Spring Data

Data, Databases

Day: Tuesday
Time: 03:20
Room: 2018

How do you improve efficiency, reduce latency and memory footprint of your data access? Reactive Streams on top of a functional-reactive programming model are key. Both are two predominant concepts in reactive systems, that completely change how we approach data access in applications today. Reactive data access improves resource usage efficiency and eliminates several constraints of today’s imperative approaches.

This talk covers non-blocking data access using Spring Data for NoSQl data stores and Project Reactor. You will learn how to integrate Spring Data repositories in an end-to-end reactive web application. If you are a developer looking to consume data in a functional reactive style, this is your chance to gain the experience how your application can benefit from streaming data access.


Christoph Strobl
Software Engineer

Mark Paluch
Spring Data Engineer