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Rapidly Develop, Deploy and Scale Java Cloud Apps Using Spring Boot

Cloud-Native Platform

Day: Thursday


Containers, microservices, serverless and Kubernetes are hot and suitable for problems to solve in cloud. You want to build and take services faster to market, gather customer feedback and continuously iterate by leveraging these hot technologies. You also want a stable operating environment for developers and faster resolution for production problems. Developers proactively want to know when and why code breaks in production. So, how do you deliver services faster and iterate using frameworks and tools that you already know and love - Spring Boot, IntelliJ, Eclipse, VS Code, Maven, Jenkins etc. - in the cloud?

In this talk and live coding session, we will show how you can:

  • Use end-to-end patterns to break down complexities and leverage your existing skills to rapidly develop, deploy and scale cloud native Java apps across multiple datacenters ... in minutes
  • Build microservices that are small, loosely-defined and hone one single responsibility – using Java SE. Package them into containers and deploy them
  • Apply patterns to tens, hundreds or thousands of services and take them to production.


Asir Selvasingh
Principal Program Manager, Java on Azure