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Quickly Build Spring Boot Applications to Consume Public Cloud Services

Microservices, Serverless

Day: Thursday


We all know Cloud Foundry is a great platform for cloud-native applications. However, what happens when you’re building an app that leverages services from public cloud providers such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon? Service brokers make it easy to spin up service instances and bind to apps. What about the actual code itself?

Developers leverage the popular Spring Boot framework to quickly build Java apps to deploy to Cloud Foundry. The Spring Boot Starters and Auto-Configuration eliminate the need to write boilerplate code to consume some services, but not all.

We’ve decided to give you a head start. This session is about extending the Spring framework. We’ll use examples from our recent work with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon AWS services. As more services become available, developers will want to consume these on Cloud Foundry. Extend Spring to make it easier for developers to consume those backing services!


Prasad Bopardikar
Advisory Platform Architect

Colin Stevenson
Partner Solutions Architect