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PKS: The What and How of Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes (or: Because the Cool Kids All Spell Kontainer with a K ;-))

Cloud-Native Platform

Day: Wednesday
Time: 02:40
Room: 2010

Because of its well thought out and powerful abstractions, robust and cloud-native architecture, and the vibrant community around it, the use of Kubernetes for containerized workloads has surged. And while Kubernetes is theoretically ready to run applications in production, the actual viability is highly dependent on how Kubernetes itself is managed. In this session Cornelia and Fred will cover role of the container orchestration system in your IT landscape, and they’ll dive under the covers to show how it provides the enterprise-class Kubernetes services you need to trust your most critical workloads to it. Yes, technical details revealed!


Cornelia Davis
Sr. Director of Technology

Fred Melo
Director of Technology