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Introduction to Compliance Driven Development (CDD) and Security Centric System Design

Transformation, Case Studies

Day: Wednesday


In security centric environments, such as Federal and State Government or large enterprises, even the most mature DevOps teams find themselves unable to deliver value due to complex compliance requirements. Adherence to a particular compliance framework is almost always an afterthought. Compliance Driven Development (CDD) is a way to merge the best practices of Test and Behavior Driven Development with mandatory compliance guidelines into one cohesive, transparent, and fully automated process. You will learn how the use of the Pivotal platform and 100% Open Source Compliance Automation technologies enabled Crunchy to receive the Authority To Operate (ATO) its Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL-As-A-Service Tile at one of the country's largest Intelligence Agencies in record time as part of the NGA's "ATO In a Day" pilot.


Dmitry Didovicher
Director, GIS Development
Crunchy Data