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How to Continuously Deliver Your Platform with Concourse

DevOps, CI, CD

Day: Tuesday
Time: 04:20
Room: 2024

Continuous delivery is not only essential for agile software development teams; it’s a crucial ability for agile platform operators and administrators as well. Updating platform software and getting through all the chores required to maintain the platform are not tasks which can be put off for long… or worse, indefinitely. An agile platform team must be equipped to deliver value continuously, in order to move quickly and reliably.

Take Pivotal Cloud Foundry, which has patch releases issued almost every week. It’s important to update to these patches as quickly as possible as they contain security and other bug fixes in addition to new functionality your users are waiting for.

What’s involved in applying such an update to any of your services and your multiple Cloud Foundry deployments? There’s a lot of operational tasks to manage, such as fetching updated software from Pivotal, uploading the same software to your environments, and rolling out these changes across every environment you manage.

Using Concourse, it’s easy to automate all of this platform overhead, such that you don’t have to ever login to Pivotal Network or PCF Ops Manager again. We’ll show you how to setup a Concourse pipeline to automatically keep a PCF foundation up to date with the latest software, and introduce you to a plethora of other pipelines that you can use for various other platform operations.


Brian Kirkland
Senior Cloud Architect

Ryan Pei
Technical Program Manager