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Going Cloud Native at Comcast: How We Migrated a Massive Legacy SOA Platform to Cloud Native Microservices

Transformation, Case Studies

Day: Tuesday
Time: 05:00
Room: 2011

During this session I will be giving an overview of how Comcast developed the xfinity service platform and successfully migrated over 70 legacy SOA services to our next gen cloud native microservice platform. This project has been three years in the making and I have been leading it all along. We are finally at the finish line and I would like to share all that we have learned on our journey with the rest of the community. This session will be particularly useful to other enterprises contemplating a similar transformation. I will be covering the full gamut of our transformation. Everything from cloud native principals, continuous delivery, what is a microservice, service migration strategies, consumer migrations strategies, devops transformation, multi-site active/active architecture, distributed data architecture, resiliency patterns, and auto failover. Most importantly i will share some of the benefits our dev teams, business, and customers are experiencing as a result of this transformation.


Todd Migliore
Principal Architect