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Delivering the Power of Data Using Spring Cloud Data Flow and DataStax Enterprise Cassandra NoSQL Database

Cloud-Native Platform

Day: Wednesday


Spring Cloud Data Flow satisfies all of the demands of modern streaming and task workloads. A growing number of customers are viewing Pivotal Cloud Foundry as an ideal runtime for these types of workloads to take advantage of all of the microservice architecture features of Spring Boot apps leveraging Spring Cloud Services. This is only half of the equation. Once the streaming data is persisted on their database, our customers want to generate actionable insights to provide the best customer experience to stay on top of the competitive marketplace. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is a single and unified big data platform with Apache Cassandra NoSQL database at its core. Integrated within each node of DSE is powerful indexing, search through Apache Solr, analytics through Apache Spark, and a enterprise-ready graph functionality. It is by far the only operational data platform which can scale linearly in excess of 1,000 nodes, with no single point of failure, and is capable of providing real-time active-everywhere replication across many datacenters and cloud providers.

In this presentation and demo we will take a common social data set and show SCDF advantages on PCF for microservice scaling and pipelining data into a DataStax Enterprise Cassandra NoSQL database. Then followed by extracting meaningful information through DataStax Enterprise Search, DataStax Enterprise Analytics, and DataStax Cassandra Service Broker Tile for PCF using a Spring Boot Dashboard application.


Gilbert Lau
Partner Architect

Wayne Lund
Advisory Platform Architect