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Defense-Oriented DevOps for Modern Software Development

Cloud-Native Platform

Day: Wednesday


DevOps is the practice of the entire engineering team participating together through the entire service lifecycle of delivering software. This includes security and out of necessity, security as we have known it has completely changed.

Through challenges from the outside and forces from within there is a wholesale conversion taking place across the industry where DevOps and Security are joining forces. This talk is a hybrid of inspiration and pragmatism for dealing with the new landscape. There are four key areas that have changed with the rise of DevOps:

  • Treat all systems and infrastructure as code
  • Change the engineering culture to orient around delivery
  • Favor a fast delivery cadence
  • Create feedback loops across the organization

With these shifts the organization has new demands and expectations on security. This talk will cover a pragmatic approach and focus on principles, practices and tooling to meet demands in these four key areas.


James Wickett
Head of Research
Signal Sciences