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Create, Ship and Improve Spring Projects

DevOps, CI, CD

Day: Thursday
Time: 12:30
Room: 2024

Spring Boot is awesome. This is not your parents’ enterprise Java: it’s never been easier to create Java services. However, developing and maintaining a fleet of services comes with its own challenges.

In this talk, Spring Framework creator Rod Johnson and former core Spring developer Christian Dupuis show how Atomist takes up where Spring Boot leaves off, helping you with the entire ownership experience of Spring codebases and deployment pipelines.

In a hands-on session, Rod and Christian show how Atomist helps you create, ship and improve Spring Boot projects. You’ll see how:

  • Atomist supercharges project creation, ensuring every new project is created according to your own best practices, including CI setup
  • Atomist can automatically keep your projects up to date via pull requests to update the Spring Boot version, deployment pipelines and configuration
  • Atomist helps spot quality issues and fix them everywhere
  • Atomist helps teams collaborate more effectively through its powerful Slack integration
  • You can write custom automations to help speed your process throughout the lifecycle


Rod Johnson

Christian Dupuis
VP Engineering & Founder