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Caching for Microservices - Introduction to Pivotal Cloud Cache

Cloud-Native Platform

Day: Tuesday
Time: 03:20
Room: 2004

One of the most important factors in a microservices architecture is that application logic is separate from the data store. This design choice makes it easier for the application to scale. Providing a caching solution inside Pivotal Cloud Foundry makes it easy for these microservices to store data which can be retrieved 100x times faster than with a regular database. Pivotal Cloud Cache not only provides such a cache but takes a “use case”-based approach which gets an application from 0 to production fast.

This session will provide insights into how to use Pivotal Cloud Cache and its performance under load. We will demo a Spring Boot app which uses Spring Data Geode to talk to a Pivotal Cloud Cache cluster.


Pulkit Chandra
Product Manager