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Building Enterprise Cache Based on CQRS

Data, Databases

Day: Wednesday
Time: 11:30
Room: 2018

Over the period enterprises have grown big in applications footprint to reach out customers in more channels and created lot of read heavy applications. Often read heavy application calls impact business transactions systems when we have a large volume of traffic on read. Operation team resolves this problem temporarily by increasing the memory, processors, and instances which very expensive solution. Also, Presentation / UI layer read data model is not always same as the model which used by off-the-shelf products or enterprise application or typical CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) systems.

One of the efficient solutions is implementing CQRS pattern with presentation friendly data model. So, the system which we need to build requires heavy read support, closer UI/presentation model, and no to less impact on business transaction application / system of record and data reliability.


Komes Subramaniam
Principal Software Developer