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Building Developer Pipelines with PKS, Harbor, Clair, and Concourse

DevOps, CI, CD

Day: Wednesday
Time: 12:10
Room: 2012

Today's developer needs to rapidly build and deploy code in a consistent, predictable, and declarative manner. This session will illustrate how companies can leverage PKS, Kubernetes, Harbor, Clair, and Concourse to achieve these goals. The session will provide a solution overview for developing, building, and deploying applications using Container technologies from VMware and Pivotal. A brief review of each of the technologies being discussed will be provided. The session will include a proposed end to end solution leveraging all of these technologies to provide a better developer experience. The session will conclude with a demonstration illustrating a development workflow leveraging these technologies to initially develop and then update an Application running on PKS and Kubernetes.


Thomas Kraus
Principal Solution Architect

Merlin Glynn
Product Line Manager