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Beyond Rapid Development: Continuous Operations and Telemetry / Monitoring with MongoDB on PCF

Cloud-Native Platform

Day: Wednesday
Time: 03:20
Room: 2004

As software becomes the competitive currency, more and more organizations are leveraging new age rapid development practices to build applications faster. While these practices can help in rapidly building software, delivering and operating mission critical applications at scale often present significant challenges.

In this talk, we’ll discuss how developers that are using Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform can easily and seamlessly deploy geo distributed, horizontally scalable MongoDB Enterprise deployments through a self service model. Through a demo, we will walk through examples to show the ease of deploying a distributed MongoDB sharded cluster on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. We’ll also discuss how DevOps can offer MongoDB-as-a-Service platform while still maintaining the control and security of running such service on their own private or hybrid cloud.

Going beyond the benefits of deployment automation, we will showcase how DevOps lives can be simplified with full database management capabilities such as backup and restore, index builds, continuous monitoring, hot upgrades and all the other things that are required to ensure high service levels and operate at scale.


Jason Mimick
Technical Director, Partners