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Avoiding That $1M Dollar AWS Bill

Transformation, Case Studies

Day: Wednesday


Ever wonder what it takes to move a popular, high traffic web application from a traditional hosting environment to Cloud Foundry running on Amazon Web Services, and then moving it to Google Cloud Platform, without customers noticing?

In this talk, we’ll share our experience from beginning to end, starting with making the Pivotal Tracker code base cloud friendly, configuring app deployment and data services on Amazon Web Services, properly scaling the foundation and data services prior to going live and doing a seamless cutover in less than 3 hours. Then how and why we did it all again by moving to Google Cloud a fraction of the time thanks to Cloud Foundry.

We’ll also share the benefits we’ve experienced by being on Cloud Foundry, including how it’s allowed us to fully automate our build, acceptance and Concourse deployment process inching ever closer to continuous delivery. Most importantly, we’ll reveal how it’s changed the way we do DevOps and in the process freed up countless developer hours to focus on improving our product instead of operations.


Mark Michael
Director, Pivotal Tracker Engineering

Glenn Oppegard
Staff Software Engineer