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Agile: The Bad Parts

Agile, PM, Methodology

Day: Tuesday
Time: 11:30
Room: 2011

20 years ago, a rebellious gang of developers got fed up with waterfall software development and started an agile revolution. The revolution spread from enterprises to startups and back to enterprises.

But the revolution has failed. We'll look at stories of how it's failed. We'll talk about why it's failed. We'll talk about why, even when everything goes right, agile still too often succeeds at building the best possible *wrong* thing.

After talking about how it's a failure, we'll talk about why it's absolutely necessary if we're to win the new revolution to come.


Matt Parker
Head of Engineering, Pivotal Labs

Martina Hodges-Schell
Head of Product Design, Pivotal Labs

Joanna Beltowska
Head of Product Management, Pivotal Labs