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A Journey Of Mobile, Microservices, and Speed to Market at the World's Largest Home Improvement Retailer

Transformation, Case Studies

Day: Thursday
Time: 12:30
Room: 2012

The Home Depot leverages mobile devices to support associates on the sales floor. These devices facilitate a frictionless customer experience and enable many operational functions. Pivotal Cloud Foundry has enabled The Home Depot to develop and deploy to mobile devices much faster than previously possible. Cloud native practices have allowed for building much more resilience in applications. Dustin Bennett and Jermaine Davis will present an overview of the mobile landscape at The Home Depot, where they are in the journey, and where they want to be. Code examples will be in Go and React as time permits.


Dustin Bennett
Software Engineer Senior Manager
The Home Depot

Jermaine Davis
Software Engineer Principal
The Home Depot