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A Guided Tour From Code Base to Platform: Storage Made Easy with Spring Boot, ECS, and PCF

Cloud-Native Platform

Day: Tuesday


For modern microservice application developers, having access to an object storage service is a must-have. This is clear as S3 storage is quickly becoming the most popular service consumed from public cloud providers. For object storage in the private cloud, Dell EMC has a great solution with Elastic Cloud Storage. However even with ECS in the datacenter, it is not a simple task for a developer to connect their applications to an ECS appliance.

To solve this challenge, Dell EMC took the cloud-native approach and created a service broker that gives cloud native developers an easy button to connect modern applications with a reliable object storage backend service.

In this session speakers from Dell EMC and Pivotal will take the audience on a guided tour showcasing the journey to create the service broker, make it consumable as a Tile in PCF, and most importantly make ECS S3 object storage easily and readily available for developers to use.

Developers and Platform Operators will learn how technologies like Spring Boot enable the development of a Service Broker, how to configure the Tile to connect to ECS appliance in the private cloud data center, and how a developer can easily bind cloud-native applications to the service and begin utilizing object storage quickly.


Aaron Spiegel
Field CTO, Software Defined Storage
Dell EMC

Paul C. Warren
CTO, Cloud Platform Team
Dell EMC

Maggie Ambrose
Partner Solution Architect