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SpringOne Platform is the premier conference for those who build, deploy, and run cloud-native software. This unique four-day event brings together leading software companies, enterprises, and cloud experts to collaborate, share knowledge, and create transformational software.

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Reactive programming. Serverless. Look-aside caching. Machine learning. Event-driven architecture. Site Reliability Engineering. Orchestrated data microservices.

No, this isn't a game of buzzword bingo. It's a legit list of capabilities that smart companies use to build modern software. Take a big-picture platform approach to software—like we do with Spring and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Intrigued? Here’s a sample of the diverse talks you’ll hear at SpringOne Platform ...

Kubernetes for the Spring Developer
Meaghan Kjelland, Google

Reactive Spring
Josh Long, Pivotal
Mark Heckler, Pivotal

Reactive DDD: Modeling Uncertainty
Vaughn Vernon, Author

“Let's just do Spring Boot on Cloud Foundry - @adrianco w/ great advice for devs”

OH at @s1p more times than I could count: “From weeks to minutes”, “It just works”, “We enabled our developers” #springone

SVP of @McKesson at #springone: "if even an 182 yo company can Transform how they build software, whats your excuse?"

The scary thing about Spring One isn't learning about the cool things I'm not using, but the cool things I haven't even heard of yet.

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Where else can you spend a week with such a curious, open-minded, diverse crowd of technologists? At SpringOne Platform, meet up with people who impact your knowledge and career.

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