What’s New in Spring 5

Course Description

This workshop will give an update on the new features introduced in the Spring Framework 5.x. It will also cover some of the more recent improvements to the framework introduced in Spring Framework 4.3. The workshop is ideally suited to experienced Spring developers, regardless of whether you have attended courses based on earlier versions of the Spring Framework, and who desire to take advantage of the latest features.

In this course, students will:

  • Learn about recent enhancements to the Spring Framework and Spring Boot
  • Gain an appreciation of Reactive Java programming using Spring 5
  • Learn the latest best practices related to using Spring

Workshop Topics

  • Spring Ecosystem
    • Going beyond dependency injection
  • Overview of changes
    • Highlights of more recent 4.x updates
    • Highlights of Spring 5 update
  • Annotations update
    • New annotations
  • Reactive applications
    • Introduction to Reactive applications
    • Reactive support in Spring 5
    • Web Development with Spring WebFlux
  • Easier and better testing
    • JUnit 5 support
    • MockMVC Testing framework
    • Spring Boot Testing

Target Audience

  • Existing Spring developers desiring to become familiar with the latest changes in Spring 5.


  • This session presumes student is familiar with the topics covered in the Core Spring course. As a result, either prior attendance of a Core Spring course or 2-3 years experience using Spring is highly recommended.