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September 24-27, 2018  /  Washington, D.C.

Matthew Dosberg

Chief, Digital Innovation & Development - DID(it), US Citizenship and Immigration Services (DHS)

Matthew Dosberg

Matt Dosberg leads a development team of over 130 engineers. Matt's team, DID(it), is comprised of Federal and Contractor developers that pride themselves on being the Agile development center of USCIS. DID(it) manages a portfolio of approximately 50 apps and are expanding their portfolio to take on more Mission Critical program applications due to their ability to deliver results that are important to the business stakeholders of USCIS. In 2017, Matt won the highest individual award given at USCIS - Manager of the Year - for execution and delivery of business value driven outcomes. Matt’s vision for DID(it) is to be the federal leader in digital innovation and services through value delivery centered on continuous feedback and continuous improvement.