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September 24-27, 2018  /  Washington, D.C.

Hadrien Raffalli

Staff Product Manager, Pivotal Tracker, Pivotal

Hadrien Raffalli

Hadrien Raffalli is currently a Product Manager at Pivotal, and has built startups on four different continents as co-founder of cottonTracks (Start-Up Chile) and software engineer at AppSocially (500 Startups). Hadrien was the first local hire at Pivotal Labs Tokyo, where he enabled dozens of product practitioners from strategic clients like Yahoo! Japan, Telstra, and OOCL on cutting-edge variations of Lean Startup, User-Centered Design, and Balanced Teams. He supports an open-door policy, tries to hide his French accent as much as possible, and draws inspiration from seeing how humans evolve in environments that are heavily scrutinized (e.g., the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club). Hadrien holds a Master’s degree in Digital Business Strategy from HEC Paris.